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Conditions for making appointments


Scheduling an appointment

  • There is a patient detail form on our website - please use this to complete your details
  • There is also a section for you to order your contact lenses online
  • Do bring: your ID, Medical Aid Card, specs and/or contact lenses and a full list of your medications
  • Cellphones are not to be used in the practice
  • Please come alone. No other people to accompany you unless you are a child (one parent allowed) or need a carer


Please postpone your appointment if:

  • You have had the following symptons in the last 14 days: fever, aches & fatigue, cough, difficulty breathing
  • You or a household member has been in contact with anyone who is potentially COVID-19 or been in contact with anyone with the above symptoms


What to expect when you arrive:

  • All patients are to wear your own mask
  • We do not sell or give out masks in the practice
  • This must remain on at all times until you leave
  • Sanitise your hands and bag as you enter
  • Do not touch, lean on or rest any items on the counter
  • Please sit down quietly as you wait for your appointment
  • There will be no magazines or newspapers to read
  • There will be no refreshments available
  • There will be no kiddies toy section: please leave babies and children at home
  • Our bathroom facilities are strictly off limits to patients
  • Please ensure you make provision for this before leaving home


For your safety:

  • Our staff will be checked everyday before reporting to work
  • Our staff will be wearing masks and/or protective face gear
  • They will be washing hands hourly
  • All surfaces & equipment will be sanitised before and after every patient
  • Frames will be disinfected after each try on
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